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Hello! Check out our slideshow. The first slide is a picture of us. Christine on the left and Jenny on the right.

We believe art can be truly uplifting, transform spaces and effect peoples lives for the better.

Our aim is to create beautiful, unique, hand painted surfaces.

Painted shutter and wall art at Westminster Community Centre, Ellesmere Port..

The Westminster families group were asked to draw and talk about what they would like to see on the shutter. The final design was inspired mainly by an image created by one child who made coloured playdough people. Other ideas were incorporated into the designs on the Community centre walls.

The project was funded by Sustrans and Westminster Families CIC.

Nature inspired, hand painted walls at Westminster Community Centre, Ellesmere Port; a project that just kept on growing!

Christine working on the wall by the front door. We incorporated images of mini-beasts, so that the more you looked, the more you would see.

As we were painting this wall, a little girl came after school each day with her dolls, a pad and pens and quietly began to draw the animals she could see on the walls.

When this wall was finished, a mum told us that her little boy asked to come over and pat the fox every night before he goes to bed.

Right at the start of the ‘big wall’ project at Westminster Community Centre, Ellesmere Port.

A dark underpass in need of some TLC.

Jenny working on the patterned lettering on the underpass wall. We asked some children, ‘Community Matters. What does it mean?‘. One of the boys replied, ‘It means you care.’

Christine painting the badgers round the tree. As we worked, we could hear passing adults with children chatting to each other about what they could see on the wall. It became a conversation piece … What letter is that? Where’s the rabbit?

The completed wall. Approximately 10 metres long.

The Centre users love the transformation and people who live and work nearby really enjoyed watching the whole project develop over the summer.

‘Its nice to come here and have a bright and cheerful entrance to the centre.’

‘It has made the building much more welcoming.’

‘I used to feel a bit scared coming through here, but now I feel safer and it makes me smile.’

Wolverham Community Centre, Ellesmere Port. This was another Sustrans funded project.

A pathway inspired by the wonderful designs drawn by the supported learners group. Hand painted using temporary organic paint.

The local children love to hop along the painted images on their way to school.

A bright splash of colour. This photo was taken before the flower border was planted up for the Ellesmere Port in Bloom Competition.

Painting in the sunshine. No better way to spend a Summers day!

Watch this space... we are due to paint the main path leading to the entrance in permanent paint. Here is the proposed design in chalk.

St Bernards Primary School, Ellesmere Port. ‘Share the Space’ Community road closure day, partly funded by Sustrans Community Places.

We used organic temporary paint to hand paint designs on the road outside the school, to encourage car users to park responsibly and leave space for children to cross safely.

We used nature inspired designs. Some of the school children helped too.

… and the sun shone!

We were commissioned to paint this woodland scene on a lounge wall, for a lady who has a passion for foxes.

Here is the finished artwork. It measures approximately 1 metre tall. We used metallic paints to highlight the moon and some of the details in the scene.

Our customer was very happy. She will see this everyday and it will give her pleasure for years to come.

A commission for a young Liverpool supporter. His lovely mum arranged for us to hand paint this LFC crest on his bedroom wall, as a big pre-Christmas surprise.

His reaction was priceless... (see video below of him when he enters the room)

A surprise mural... Galaxy unicorn painted on a little girls bedroom wall. Pearlised and metallic paint details, complete with stars.

We have lots of projects lined up for 2020.

More photos will be added to the gallery, but you can keep right up to date with all things Poets in Paint by visiting our facebook page. Just click here... We would really appreciate it if you could ‘Like and share’.

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